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Ghanaian Spinach Stew


Slow cooked oxtail and salmon cooked in a spicy, full flavoured fresh spinach and tomato stew. Served with egg, yams or rice

Serves: 4-6


Prep time: 1.5 hours

Cooking time: 1.5 hours




Fried Oxtail  Meat:

1 medium oxtail, chopped into small pieces 

season all, one full circle

1 medium onion, chopped 

boiling hot water

1/2 cup cooking oil

Spinach Stew:

500 g fresh spinach

3/4 cup boiling water

3 medium onions, sliced

4 garlic cloves, crushed

2 scotch bonnets, chopped

2 tbsp of smoked prawns, blended 

1/2 tsp tomato puree

3 cans plum tomatoes, blended

salt, a full circle 

1-4 scotch bonnets (optional for extra spice)

400 g pink salmon 

300 g partially frozen spinach (simply defrost the frozen spinach using a microwave) 

Side Dish Suggestions:

Boiled yams

Boiled egg 

Boiled plantain  




Dinner Recipes
Dessert Suggestion

1. In deep saucepan add the chopped oxtail meat, season all and onion. Top up will boiling hot water (ensure all the meat is covered by the water). Boil on high heat for 1. 5 hours or until the oxtail meat has become tender (remember to top up any reduced water during this time) 

2. In another deep saucepan add about 1/2 cup of cooking oil. Heat the oil on high heat then fry the oxtail meat until browned (keep the saucepan and oil for step 5)

3. Rinse 500 g of fresh spinach, then add to a saucepan followed by 3/4 of boiling water. Place the lid on the saucepan and steam on high heat for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat.

4.  Drain the steamed spinach in a strainer. Add the spinach to a blender, plus a little water to aid blending. Blend the spinach to form a smooth paste.

5. In the same saucepan used in step 2, add the sliced onions, crushed garlic and chopped scotch bonnets on medium heat. Mix well and cook until onions turn translucent.


6. Add the blended smoked prawns, tomato puree and plum tomatoes. Add a full circle of salt. Cook the stew on medium heat for 30 minutes (stir occasionally during this time).

7. Optional: then add extra whole scotch bonnets 

8. Add in the fried oxtail meat and pink salmon ( break up the salmon gently using a wood spoon). 

9. Cook for 5 minutes with stirring then add the blended steamed spinach . Stir the spinach gently into the stew. 

10. Add the partially frozen spinach chunks to the stew. Stir gently, then add any salt to taste.

11. Reduce the heat, then cook the stew for 30 minutes more (make sure you check stew regularly during this last step to ensure the stew doesn't burn). 

12.  Serve with boiled yams, eggs or plantain 





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