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8 Ways To Make Cooking Fun Rather Than Feel Like A Chore

1. Cook a surprise meal for your partner, family or friends

Cooking for someone who does not expect it can turn cooking into a very exciting and special task. Cooking a surprise meal can increase your motivation to roll up your sleeves in the kitchen and cook one of your best meals to date. Whether it be for your partner, family or friends, it will surely make them feel appreciated and you never know, they may just return the favour.

2. Listen to your favourite songs

Playing your favourite songs whilst cooking creates a fun and energetic ambience in the kitchen. Lets face it, sometimes cooking can be stressful and tiring. Therefore, creating a positive cooking environment in the kitchen is vital to make your cooking experience fun.

So the next time you are cooking, remember to round up your favourite songs in a playlist on your smart phone or laptop and hit that play button! (Personal tip: connect your phone or laptop to a speaker, so you can recreate the best cooking fiesta in your kitchen)

3. Try a new recipe

Trying out a new recipe can make your cooking experience more adventurous. I am sure you have heard the saying ‘ life is more adventurous when you try new things’, well the same goes for trying new recipes! Trying out a new recipe creates a new and exciting challenge in the kitchen. If you are the adventurous type or you want to be more adventurous, then this tip is perfect for you!

You can get inspired to try a new recipe by reading new recipes online, watching cooking channels on TV or online or even buy a new recipe book. You can also explore new recipes on the Cooking Delight website!

4. Wear a fun cooking outfit

Throwing on a fun apron or cooking hat will put you in a good mood to cook. It can also bring joy to your partner, family or friends, depending on how entertaining your outfit is!

If you don’t have a fun cooking outfit to wear, it is never too late to buy one! Search online for your perfect cooking outfit now.

5. Create your own ‘Come Dine With Me’ special with friends or family

Creating your own ‘Come Dine With Me’ special with friends or family will merge cooking, eating and entertainment all in one!

Come Dine With Me is a popular television programme where four to five contestants compete against each other by hosting a dinner party consisting of a three-course meal for each other. Each competitor rates the host’s meal in secret and the winner gets a cash prize.

This programme can be re-created with friends, colleagues or family members. This unique cooking experience will surely create fun memories in the kitchen.

6. Join a cooking class

Make cooking a social experience by joining a local cooking class. Cooking classes can be a great way to meet new people, share cooking tips and develop your cooking skills.

Joining a cooking class can also give you the confidence and motivation to try out new recipes at home which can ultimately make your cooking more creative.

Go online now to find your nearest cooking class!

7. Share your recipes on social media

Learning new recipes on social media such as YouTube and Pintrest has become very popular. Therefore, sharing your new recipes online will always be appreciated. In addition, posting pictures of your delicious cooked meals will never go unnoticed. I mean who can resist to like or comment on their favourite food posted online? I certainly cannot!

8. Make it a family affair

Although the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ can be said for many situations, cooking with family can in fact be the opposite: a stress free and enjoyable task. Cooking with family can be made into a fun practical task, provided each family member complies with a given task. If carried out successfully, cooking will no longer be an arduous task for one person to complete, but instead will be an enjoyable group activity that everyone contributes to. This will ultimately make family meals more enjoyable to eat.

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