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The Best Cooking Gadgets To Buy This Christmas

The way we cook in the 21st century never ceases to evolve. Since the start of 2017 a range of new cooking gadgets have come to the market that has pushed at home cooking into a new world. I would like to share with you the top 10 cooking gadgets of this year with direct website links so you can purchase these must needed gadgets for your kitchen.

1. Singing Pasta Timer

This Chef Al Dente singing pasta timer has certainly revolutionised cooking pasta. Drop this waterproof timer into boiling water with your cooking pasta. When the pasta is cooked to perfection Chef Al Dente will start to sing as a signal that your pasta is ready to be taken off the stove. Never have the issue of having overcooked pasta with this exclusive gadget in your kitchen drawer. Purchase your Chef Al Dente singing pasta now:

2. Cartoon Hard Boiled Egg Moulds

Create original egg recipes with this creative cartoon hard boiled egg mould set. Simply place your peeled hard boiled egg or in the mould whilst still warm then cool it in either cold water or in the fridge for 10 minutes to create the perfect cartoon egg. Purchase your egg moulds now:

3. Crispy Bacon Grill

This upright bacon grill enables you to cook bacon evenly on both sides without having to turn it. The upright position also helps to drain fat from the bacon, which is a much healthier option for meal plans. Purchase your bacon grill now:

4. Astro Fruit and Veggie Keeper

Never let your half chopped fruits or vegetables go to waste with the useful astro fruit and veggie keeper. Put your half used fruit or vegetables insider this friendly astronaut for a longer shelf life. Choose from a range of colours. Purchase your fruit and veggie keeper now:

5. Bear Paws Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

Shred an entire chunk of pork within 3 minutes with this awesome bear claw pork shredder. Available in different colours. Purchase now:

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