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How To Get Clear, Soft and Radiant Skin Using Sea Salt

Sea salt is one of the most abundant, natural compounds that exist in the world. Sea salt is obtained from the evaporation of sea water, with no or very little processing proceeding evaporation. Sea salt has many uses such as acting as a food additive, treating skin infections or being used in cosmetics.

The use of sea salt for treating skin will be discussed in this blog. As well as this, a step to step guide of how to use sea salt to obtain clear, soft and radiant skin in as little as 3 days will be discussed.

1. Why is sea salt good for the skin ?

Sea salt provides many benefits for the skin:

* It reduces inflammation

* It reduces scarring

* Acts as an exfoliant

* Softens the skin

* Clears acne or spots

* Unblocks pores

2. Why is sea salt better than table salt for the skin?

Sea salt is obtained from the evaporation of seawater with no or very little processing proceeding this evaporation process. Sea salt therefore retains natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium and other nutrients that can benefit the skin. On the other hand, table salt is extracted from salt mining deposits. It then undergoes processing to help preserve it. This often involves the addition of chemicals such as fluorides which can be harmful to the skin.

3. How do I use sea salt on my skin (face) ?

Sea salt can be used as a facial toner or scrub.

I have been using sea salt as a twice daily toner for the past 5 months and the results so far have been astounding. After just 3 days of using the toner, my skin was visibly softer, clearer and pore free. Long term use has maintained these results, as well as reducing scarring and inflammation.

4. How do I make a daily sea salt toner ?

(Note: 100mL of water to every teaspoon of salt)

1. Add 3 teaspoons of sea salt to a plastic dispenser

2. Pour about 300 mL of boiling water into the dispenser

3. Seal the dispenser then give it a shake until all the salt has dissolved

4. Toner can be used immediately after this or you can wait for toner to cool down

5. How do I use a daily sea salt toner ?

1. Wash face with your usual daily face wash or scrub, then pat face dry with a towel

2. Dispense sea salt toner onto a cotton wool ball, then wipe over face.

3. Repeat step 2 with a second cotton wool ball.

4. Fan face dry with hands for 30 seconds

5. Apply your usual daily moisturiser onto face.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 twice a day (in the morning and at night)

Note: I find it better to use cotton wool balls rather than cotton flat pads as it absorbs more toner.

6. Where can I purchase sea salt?

Sea salt is available from your local supermarket or beauty supply store. Before you purchase your sea salt check that the only ingredient is sea salt or sodium chloride.

7. Are there any alternatives to buying sea salt for my skin?

Some supermarkets or beauty supply stores may sell alternatives to sea salt such as Himalayan salt. This salt very similar to sea salt however the source of where it is extracted is different. Before you purchase Himalayan salt or any other salt alternatives, check that the only ingredient present is sea salt or sodium chloride.

Please comment below if you have any questions or would like to post your review using sea salt.

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